Our Representative Council

At ECT, our mission is to support all children and young people, regardless of their abilities to become active and happy citizens, with the skills to enter the world of work or to engage in meaningful activities and to live as independently as possible in the community. 

As part of the cooperative movement, representatives – including parents, teachers, local people and employers – are invited to become “members” of a council, to support the efforts of the Trust and ensure it addresses the needs of the community it serves. We want to generate a collaboration of people and communities to build a dynamic resource capable of effecting positive change for children and young people throughout Enfield.  

ECT’s representative council will be made up of a range of individuals from the community, creating a forum which discusses ideas and opinions to help support our students’ educational journeys – both in school and beyond. The group will provide recommendations to our Trustees, including in relation to the role of ECT in the community.

Inviting and listening to a representative group of voices will help us to adapt and evolve teaching and learning approaches within ECT and our schools. The council group will put forward suggestions and hold ECT accountable, ensuring these plans and processes are put in place and lead to successful outcomes, including equipping our students with the right skills and knowledge needed to serve the people of Enfield, and beyond.

The aims of our representative council are:

  • To meet on a regular basis to drive community engagement and equip students with real-world skills and the opportunities to help them flourish
  • To enable the Trust to listen to its community to understand and respond to the needs of employers, and society as a whole
  • To provide an opportunity for ECT to build a close relationship with the community, updating it on progress and new initiatives

We are always on the lookout for more individuals to join our council! If you share our vision of supporting the community and are interested in joining, or would like more information, please get in touch by contacting emailing: pquinn@enterprisecooperativetrust.org.uk