Improving our Schools

We are a “Partnership for Improvement” – At ECT, we believe that ‘working together’ should be about improving what we do. Within the education sector, this is often seen as improving academic outcomes. While this is of crucial importance, it is not enough. Our ethos places the child at the centre and looks at improvement initiatives that can benefit our schools and pupils holistically.

As a Trust, we are committed to promoting, advocating and providing (where appropriate) practical support in improving our offer to the children and young people we serve, using our cooperative values as the foundation stones for action:

Our schools each have their own unique problems and challenges, but in the same way, have their own unique strengths and successes. As a collective, we understand we don’t have all the answers, but we encourage everyone to reach out for help when needed. Together we can share experiences (good and bad), expertise, ways of working and ultimately find the answers.

We encourage a culture where we each take responsibility for playing our part in improving the life chances of our children and young people. Every member and partner of the Trust can (and must)  work strategically, operationally and for the good of the collective.

All members of the Trust are equal and decisions are made on a democratic basis.  The community will be heard through our Representative Council, which will inform improvement priorities, and what ‘school improvement’ means for our schools and community.

The opportunities we secure are offered fairly and with equality in mind. We recognise the importance of representation and ensuring a diverse group of young people benefit from our work. 

We believe in fairness and creating a community where children and young people, no matter their background or lack of resources (financial or otherwise) can not only realise – but also fulfil – their full potential. Innovation is key here, as standard ways of working can often leave the most vulnerable behind. Improvement is for all, not the privileged few.

Fundamentally, together we are stronger and together we can achieve more. How we improve, how successful we become, how we are perceived and recognised locally and nationally, will be based on the fundamental principle that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder. We are a collective, united in vision, values, mission and an un-wavering desire to build a life changing community.

We aim to live out these values by adhering to the principles of high performing organisations:

  1. Harness innovation for the benefit of our students and, subsequently the community.
  2. Put our young people at the heart of what we do.
  3. Develop economic opportunity that enables our young people to flourish.
  4. Engage in new alliances – with a focus on the good of our young people.
  5. Be performance-driven in everything – get a job, and a life partner.
  6. Ensure quality through the practice of superior governance.

To find out how you can get involved in helping ECT achieve its aims and initiatives, click here.