How To Join

Advancing the educational opportunities for children and young people in Enfield is a central priority for the Trust.

Our key goal will be to act as an ‘enabler’ for cooperative and collaborative working. For many years, schools have worked collaboratively utilising pre-existing and new models within the education system. Whilst there is undoubted benefit and demonstrable success, this way of working on its own, can become narrow and insular.

The trust will, therefore, seek to enable cooperative relationships and innovative collaboration not only between schools, but also, just as importantly, with other sectors and groups, such as business partners, charities and community groups, as well as maintain strong and productive links with the Local Authority. It is through this broad and holistic approach that limitless opportunities exist to bring about the life changing opportunities that are so important to the community we serve.

Much of this work will be driven and advanced by our member and partner schools, as well as complementary business and trading opportunities to further support and advance our collective mission to:

  • Develop new opportunities for young people to experience work and paid employment in a ‘not for profit’ or social enterprise environment
  • Provide innovative and bespoke training solutions for members and partner schools
  • Launch an apprenticeship offer, working closely with key partners to provide a seamless link between education and the world of work
  • Establish a ‘business hub’ that members and partner schools can access to gain strategic advice and practical support with the business aspects of running a school

Each school or organisation will remain autonomous and accountable for their actions but as part of the Trust, will collectively support all of our children in having the best possible education and extending their life opportunities through partnership working.

Interested in joining the trust?

In developing the Trust, we are looking for a number of partners to join us and support the work of the Trust. This will include organisations from a wide variety of sectors, including:

  • Higher Education
  • Local businesses and enterprises
  • Local community organisations
  • Large employers with national or international dimensions
  • Co-operative Businesses

What will each Partner contribute to the Trust?

  • We are asking for a simple commitment from each partner to provide time and expertise to work with the Trust and help us achieve our vision for the learners in our community
  • There are no significant financial or legal commitments; the Trust will have limited liability and individuals will be protected by Director/Officer insurance policies.

For more information about joining the Enterprise Cooperative Trust and to receive a copy of our “Becoming a Partner” pack, please get in touch using the form below: