Enterprise in Action

Advancing the educational opportunities for children and young people in Enfield is a central priority for the Trust. Much of this work involved our members and partner schools. However, ECT is also reaching out to complementary business which can further support and advance our collective mission. 

Initiatives already in progress, or in the pipeline, include:

  • Social Enterprise – working with our partner, Learning for Life Charity, and building on the work of West Lea School, to expand and create work experience placements and paid employment in a ‘not for profit’ or social enterprise environment. This also includes opportunities for supported employment. Students will have access to training and work experience to help them develop skills for the workplace, build community engagement and social integration.

  • Recruitment and Retention – establishing an ethical trading vehicle and/or partnership to provide temporary and permanent recruitment on a ‘not for profit’ or social enterprise basis. This service provides work opportunities to those on the periphery of society as well as bespoke services to Trust schools.

  • Training and Development – creating a trading vehicle and/or partnership to provide innovative and bespoke training solutions to our member and partner schools. This will enable staff to experience opportunities both within and outside of the education sector.
  • Apprenticeships – introducing an apprenticeship offer via a key partner to meet the needs of our community. Where possible, permanent employment will be secured, seamlessly connecting education and the world of work.

  • Business Hub – forming a ‘business hub’ that member and partner schools can access to provide assistance with the business aspects of running a school. This ‘hub’ will provide both strategic and practical advice with marketing, facilities management, human resources, procurement, financial management, cost reduction and business planning.

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