Welcome to

Welcome to Enterprise Cooperative Trust

Enterprise Cooperative Trust is a not-for-profit foundation co-operative, set up by West Lea School, to extend opportunities for all students in Enfield by providing a holistic education which goes beyond academic achievement. 

The Trust is a partnership made up of like-minded schools and organisations with a collective vision to improve education and life opportunities for all children and young people in the local community. We want to celebrate every child, no matter their ability, and encourage them to not only realise – but also fulfil – their full potential. 

We believe that, despite the challenges we may face, together Enterprise Cooperative Trust has the ability to go beyond standard ways of working, and build a life changing community.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are a ‘Cooperative’ – unlike other structures, our trust embraces the cooperative values giving us the powerful combination of local accountability and autonomous independence for partners
  • We embrace ‘Difference’ – we celebrate and welcome diversity. We respect all members of our community, valuing our differences and providing opportunities for all to succeed
  • We believe in ‘Community’ – in the truest sense of the word. Our strength is found not in isolation but rather in the collective and our trust provides a vehicle for partners to work together and help one other
  • We seek to enable ‘real world experiences’ – academic achievement alone is insufficient in helping young people flourish. In order to break negative cycles that exist, including unemployment and disadvantage, we must draw on expertise and provide a holistic offer
  • We believe in ‘potential’ – this fundamental belief drives our behaviours and priorities. We work with friends and partners who see what is possible rather than what is not, and seek to go the extra mile